Whales everywhere

It’s an incredible summer/fall  for whale watching.

Humpback Fluke © David Gallup, GAP

Humpback Fluke © David Gallup, GAP

We don’t chase them down, couldn’t even if we had a mind to. But we’ve had Blues and Humpbacks sidle up to us fairly recently.

Gray Whales are starting to show up per the schedule, while farther south a number of Blue Whales and Fin Whales still linger. Though I haven’t seen any myself, ORCAS are in the southeast end of the channel and at least one lonesome Sperm Whale (think Moby Dick) showed up near LA in the last few days.

The Condor express out of Santa Barbara reports numerous Humpbacks and Minkes everyday and Monterey reports numerous Humpbacks.

At a more prosaic level, we see dolphins every day, sometimes megapods with thousands of common Pacific dolphins and larger than usual pods of Risso’s dolphins.

It’s been a great year for Cetacean lovers, and it seems to show little let-up.